Collaborations Take Action

In addition to our partners, we also collaborate with a number of like-minded public advocacy and action groups. It’s a self-reinforcing relationship, since each of these groups helps us develop research that will, in turn, help them achieve their missions.

Cornell in Buffalo brings together innovative partners in a new networked office complex in the historic Market Arcade on Main Street.  The ILR School, the Worker Institute, High Road Fellowships, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Partnership for the Public Good have co-located to create an engaged learning center that facilitates the interchange of applied knowledge and resources between Cornell and the Buffalo community.  
Open Buffalo
Open Buffalo is a community movement for social and economic justice. PPG is one of the founding partners of Open Buffalo and serves its Innovation Lab with research and policy development. 
Crossroads Collective
Uniting advocacy groups with arts organizations and research partners, the Crossroads Collective works at the intersection of climate change with racial and economic justice, seeking a new economy that is more fair and more sustainable. PPG provides research and policy development for the Collective.
Greater Buffalo Recycling Alliance
PPG is the founder and support organization for this group of volunteers and experts seeking to reduce waste and increase recycling through education, advocacy, and collaboration.
Living Wage Commission
For a number of years, PPG has provided legal counsel and staff support to this citizen commission, which is charged with monitoring and enforcing the City of Buffalo's living wage law - which ensures that city workers, and workers at companies that contract with the city, earn enough to stay out of poverty.
University at Buffalo School of Social Work
PPG has benefited from a close relationship with the UB School of Social Work, which provides masters in social work interns who do research and civic engagement work with PPG each year.
The Service Collaborative matches volunteers with community needs, challenging community members to turn their ideals into action. Working through the The Service Collaboarative, AmeriCorps volunteers have continuously advanced PPG's communications and outreach work.