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Considering the Good Food Purchasing Program in Buffalo

Date: Aug 22, 2018
Name: Jessica L Gilbert
Organization: Partnership for the Public Good on behalf of the Good Food Buffalo Coalition
Email: jlgilber@buffalo.edu
Topic(s): Education, Environment

We are working to bring the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) to Buffalo Public Schools. This program uses institutional procurement power to promote five values in the school food system: nutrition, local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, and animal welfare. As we move this initiative forward, we need to be able to understand and incorporate into policy the values, perspectives, needs, and experiences of our key constituents: students, parents, community members, labor along the food chain (particularly school food service staff and farm workers), and minority/people of color food-related business owners and growers. While we have been able to gather bits and pieces of this information, we do not have the capacity to conduct an overarching study or to distill information gathered into policy recommendations.

This research will guide us as we work to formulate GFPP policy with the Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education. It will also help us to incorporate a system of accountability that is based on and engages with the community and its concerns. 

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