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Since 2007, our work has been dedicated to effecting lasting, positive change in our community. Created with the help of educators, students, volunteers, interns, and independent researchers, our rich body of reports, policy briefs, and fact sheets can now be found in the Buffalo Commons.

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May 2, 2019

Media Alert: Celebration Of Buffalo Board of Education’s Work Towards Good Food Purchasing

PPG is pleased to share this announcement from our partners in the Good Food Buffalo Coalition. Adopting a Good Food Purchasing Program for the Buffalo Public School is the seventh priority on this year’s Community Agenda.

April 6, 2019

Buffalo News Viewpoints: "Advisory board is needed to oversee Erie County jails"

"Last year was a deeply troubling one for Erie County’s jail system. Thirty-three-year-old Michael Girard died after hanging himself from his cell’s bars. The 2016 death of 27-year-old India Cummings was ruled a homicide due to medical neglect by the New York State Commission of …

March 12, 2019

Buffalo News: "Study finds unions boost area workers' wages"

"A new labor-backed study says unions are effective at boosting wages for all workers in the region, but cautions that a changing economy is altering the outlook for the region's jobs and what they pay. The Partnership for the Public Good's study notes a shift from traditionally unionized …

March 2, 2019

Buffalo News: "Coalition wants to soften tax hikes so residents can 'stay in their homes'"

"Buffalo’s booming real estate market has been more than generous to many city-dwellers selling their homes over the past few years, with some receiving more than twice the amount of money they paid just a few years ago. Their good fortune is likely to translate into a cost to longtime …

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Urban Legacy Filmworks: Doug Ruffin on The Public GoodJune 18, 2019, 10-10:30 pm

Sarah Wooton

Join us on The Public Good this week! We'll hear from Doug Ruffin, owner and founder of Urban Legacy Filmworks. He'll be discussing how he got into filmmaking, his draw to Buffalo-based topics, his inspirations, as well as what's next in his filmmaking career. He'll also be talking about '67 …

Traffic Enforcement, Fines, and Fees: A Community ConversationJune 19, 2019, 6-8 pm

Fair Fines and Fees Coalition - Buffalo

Buffalo drivers from majority-Black neighborhoods are four times more likely than drivers from majority-white neighborhoods to have their licenses suspended. People from mostly Black neighborhoods are eight times more likely to receive multiple tickets in a single traffic stop than folks who live …

FAB Forum IVJune 30, 2019, 3-5 pm

Frontline Arts Buffalo

FAB Forums is a series of community conversations examining the past, present, and future of frontline arts institutions in our city.  At FAB Forums, you are invited to join Frontline Arts Buffalo in conversation on the following questions: What is the role and purpose of frontline arts …

The Battle for Land and the Future of the Postindustrial CityJuly 10, 2019, 12:30-2:30 pm

Aaron Bartley

For the past 14 years, Aaron Bartley, as one of PUSH Buffalo’s cofounders, worked alongside colleagues to build a model of community-controlled development WNY. The organizers rooted their organization in the values and analysis of the Just Transition and Development Without Displacement …

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