Buffalo Commons

Engagement Opportunities Library

There are many ways for students, staff, and faculty from Cornell University and Western New York colleges and universities to participate in engaged learning in Buffalo. 

Some of these opportunities include:

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Buffalo Commons Knowledge for the Public Good Series

Buffalo Commons offers three series that share knowledge for the public good on topics ranging from civic engagement and local policy to best practices in community-based research. Each series focuses on a unique purpose: Civic Engagement Workshops, Learning Labs, and Scholar-Activist Forums. Unless otherwise noted, each will occur in the Buffalo Commons classroom @ 617 Main Street, Suite 300


Civic Engagement Workshops

A series identifying and understanding what role individuals, organizations, and institutions can play in shaping policies and practices and making positive changes in our communities.


Learning Labs

A series exploring community and researcher partnerships for progress in real civic issues through our core issue areas.


Innovations in Civic Education and Voter Engagement                                                         TBA

  • This lab focuses on fostering civic engagement in the short and long term. With many efforts in registering voters in WNY, there is a need to now help these and other voters to navigate the voter participation and access process and to understand who is running and what their platforms are. We will describe innovative ways other organizations have helped create participation and voice for people who are not eligible to vote and to describe various issues in the Buffalo-Niagara region. 

Innovations and Partnerships in Arts, Activism, and Education                                        TBA

  • How do different groups including young people find their voice and expression using art and artistic mediums to share their ideas and stories. Learn how others have helped to educate, uplift, motivate, and encourage youth who display dedication, and perseverance in their academics, arts, and/or their community.


Scholar-Activist Forums

A series developing a network between and amongst partners, researchers, and scholars by spotlighting diverse, innovative voices who are building more just, sustainable, and culturally vibrant communities.

 Would you like to attend or present at a learning lab, workshop, or forum? Email Kristin, contact us.