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Join us for the Buffalo Commons 501(c)(3) Advocacy Lab

Join us for the Buffalo Commons 501(c)(3) Advocacy Lab

Presenter(s): Sam Magavern
Date: September 12, 2018, 12:30-1:45 pm

Buffalo Commons
617 Main Street
Suite 300

While 501(c)(3)s cannot directly support or oppose candidates for public office, there are many activities these organizations and their staff may do.
Join Sam Magavern, Executive Director of PPG, as he shares the laws and rules regarding electoral activities and describes examples of what you can do. RSVP to


Buffalo Commons is launching three series of educational programs that share knowledge for the public good on topics ranging from civic engagement and local policy to best practices in community-based research. Each series has a unique goal, topic, and audience. 

  • Civic Engagement Workshops: A series identifying and understanding what role individuals, organizations, and institutions can play in shaping policies and practices and making positive changes in our communities.
  • Learning Labs: A series exploring community and researcher partnerships for progress in real civic issues through our core issue areas.

  • Scholar-Activist Forums: A series developing a network between and amongst partners, researchers, and scholars by spotlighting diverse, innovative voices who are building more just, sustainable, and culturally vibrant communities.