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By its very nature, PPG’s work is never done. Challenges met often lead to new challenges, and the work of strengthening our community continues. The items collected below are the latest chapters of our ongoing story.

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June 4, 2024

Uniting on the High Road Conference is Now Free!

Thanks to generous sponsors, we are offering free registration to attend Uniting on the High Road: A Conference on Economic Justice at the Local Level. You can register by filling out this form. Registration is due by Friday, June 14. 

May 23, 2024

Erie County Legislature Proclaims Foster Care Alumni Awareness Week

Today, the Erie County Legislature recognized the dozens of young people who age out of our foster care system each year, and the work of Fostering Greatness, Inc. and Partnership for the Public Good to raise awareness of the needs, challenges, and triumphs of foster care alumni. Foster

May 15, 2024

Buffalo News: "Housing inspection program is hot topic at rally, Buffalo Common Council budget hearing"

Harold McNeil | May 15, 2024 Housing Opportunities Made Equal, or HOME, is a local nonprofit agency that helps tenants deal with housing issues, among the most prevalent of which is unsafe housing conditions, according to Steven Haagsma, education manager for the agency. It's why he and a …

May 14, 2024

PPG's 2024-2025 City Budget Workshop and Resource Hub

On May 13, 2024, PPG, Geoff Kelly of Investigative Post, Alia Williams of VOICE Buffalo, and Janayia Capers of PUSH Buffalo hosted a Buffalo City Budget 101 workshop, which explored Mayor Brown’s proposed $618 million budget.  In this workshop, we reviewed what Mayor Brown is …

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Uniting on the High Road ConferenceJune 20, 4 pm-June 22, 2024 1:30 pm

Partnership for the Public Good, Cornell ILR Buffalo Co-Lab, national and local partners and experts

Uniting on the High Road: A Conference on Economic Justice at the Local Level will take place on June 20-22, 2024 in Buffalo, NY. Hosted by Cornell University ILR Buffalo Co-Lab and Partnership for the Public Good, with community and academic partners from across Buffalo and nationwide, the …