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Regine Ndanga

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New York State Public Health Corp. Graduate Fellow

Regine Ndanga

Regine Ndanga is a New York State Public Health Corps. Graduate Fellow at PPG. She started working with PPG through the Language Access Working Group. She helped with community outreach and promoted language access during her graduate school at UB by conducting research, making presentations, and collecting stories from the community. 

Regine is a licensed master social worker by training and holds an MSW from the University at Buffalo and undergraduate degrees in social work from SUNY Buffalo State College. She actively enhances lives for refugee and immigrant communities by supporting language access through advocacy and research assistance at the UB Social Work Department. 

Regine was honored to receive an Angel McKnight-Miller Memorial Award. She continues to provide support to communities through partnering with the UB School of Social Work in matters related to refugee and immigrant communities. Each year, she collaborated with International Child Advancement to provide school supplies to underserved and refugee communities.