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[Unavailable/Currently Being Researched] Discharged or Reentered? What happens next?

Date: Jul 2, 2018
Name: Dixie Farr
Organization: Center for Employment Opportunities
Email: dfarr@ceoworks.org
Topic(s): Criminal Justice

Are there trends in CEO’s discharge population? Why are some of our participants discharged? Are there program recommendations we can find based on the results of the study?

In 2009, CEO replicated it proven program model for the first time in Buffalo NY and continues to provide employment services to more than 180 parolees and probation each year. CEO offers participants an opportunity to earn a living wage and develop essential workplace skills by working on CEO’s transitional work crews. Through partnerships with the Olmsted Parks Conservancy and the City of Buffalo, these crews provide landscaping services to city parks and parkways, as well as clean up and renovation services to vacant homes and lots in Buffalo and surrounding areas.  The Buffalo office also collaboratively works with Mayor Brown’s “Clean Sweeps Initiative” by providing work crews for each clean sweep. In 2017 CEO’s staff helped with 35 clean sweeps in the span of seven months.

CEO also provides vocational training for credentials such as forklift operator license, OSHA 10, and Workplace Hazardous and Safety certificates that prove to be invaluable in the construction and manufacturing fields. The Buffalo office has cultivated positive relationships with more than 70 companies as well where we place many of our participants in full time jobs. CEO Buffalo is proud to support participants in gaining the skills needed to be successful while providing Buffalo and surrounding communities with our services.

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