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Increasing Bicycling by People with Low Incomes

Date: Aug 29, 2019
Name: Sam Magavern
Organization: Partnership for the Public Good
Email: ppgbuffalo@gmail.com
Phone Number: (716) 852-4196
Topic(s): Environment, Health, Poverty / Income Inequality

Bicycles are potent anti-poverty, anti-pollution, and pro-health tools, but most people with low incomes do not own them, and usage rates are lower among people of color than whites. In addition to cost, what are key barriers preventing bike use by people with low incomes and people of color? What programs and best practices exist to offer free or low-cost bicycles, helmets, locks, and training to people with low incomes? What are other best practices in promoting cycling among these populations and how can they be implemented, particularly in cold-weather, Rust Belt cities?

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