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Percentage of Arts Dollars being Invested in Artists of Color in Greater Buffalo

Date: Sep 18, 2018
Name: Claire Schneider
Organization: C.S.1 Curatorial Projects & Nick Cave PLENTY: A Citywide Celebration of Buffalo
Email: claire@cs1projects.org
Topic(s): Arts / Culture

Led by acclaimed international artist Nick Cave, PLENTY is the multi-arts, multi-generational collaborative artmaking experience teaming schools, neighborhood organizations, cultural groups, local artists, and families with the goal of creating new pathways toward a more equitable Buffalo. C.S.1 Curatorial Projects is leading this initiative as it steams from our organization’s commitment to building community through creative art projects in unexpected spaces.

Research the percentage of arts dollars being invested in artists of color in Buffalo.  This would include researching organizations dedicated to supporting artists of color, as well as the percentage or dollars amounts spent by more mainstream organizations, like museums and municipal entities. It would also be important to parse out what percentage of dollars go through mainstream organizations vs. directly to artists of color or projects generated outside of mainstream institutions.

If you are interested in working on this research request, please reach out to the project contact above and copy buffalocommons@cornell.edu. Requests listed here are still seeking research assistance. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.