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The Elimination of Arts in Public Schools

Date: Aug 9, 2018
Name: Parrish Gibbons Herzog
Organization: Arts Services Initiative of WNY (ASI)
Email: parrish@asiwny.org
Topic(s): Arts / Culture, Education

Our organization would like comprehensive data on the decrease and elimination of art and music programs/classes in public schools in Erie and Niagara Counties. Our organization has not been able to identify or present holistic data on this topic due to capacity and connections to who may have this information (or how this information may be tracked).  This data would be beneficial when advocating for the creation and continuation of such programming like our Arts Access Program.  The Arts Access program benefits many underserved families in Erie and Niagara Counties and since 2013, the number of families using Arts Access Passes to attend arts and cultural activity has increased.  Feedback from our pass holders has been that they are not able to gain arts and cultural access in other places, especially children in schools; however “word of mouth” cannot build a study or a case.  ASI would like to have actual data, stats, and numbers to back that up and back up our Arts Access Program.


Is there a specific date by which this research is needed? January 2019 (flexible)

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