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Public Education in Buffalo and the Region

Marc Masson — Sep 1, 2014

The biggest problem facing Buffalo’s public schools is the fact that many students live in poverty, while at the same time being segregated from students from wealthier communities who tend to enjoy better educational opportunities and rates of academic success.  Buffalo shares many of the problems of large cities in the United States, largely caused by high concentrations of poverty in urban areas.  In 2009, about 59% of students served by urban school districts located in the …

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Education Data for Buffalo

Jonathan Baird Aug 18, 2011

Fact Sheet Outlining Education Data for Buffalo.  Includes: Educational attainment of those over 25, four year graduation rate, and percent's of adults with Bachelor's degrees.

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Buffalo Public Schools Reconstruction

Louise Calixte — Dec 8, 2010

The Buffalo Public Schools Reconstruction is an ambitious 10-year reconstruction and renovation program.  The project is designed to provide state-of- the-art learning environments, upgrade the public school infrastructure, and strengthen surrounding residential and commercial neighborhoods.

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An Educational Gift: Teacher Aides in New York State

Alexa Rissoff — Apr 20, 2010

Teacher Aides, also referred to as teacher assistants, instructional aides, paraprofessionals or paraeducators, generally provide non-instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers.  While this fact sheet focuses on teacher aides, it is important to briefly note the major differences between teacher aides and teaching assistants in New York.

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School Bus Monitors in Western New York

Brian Hartmann — Apr 19, 2010

The New York State Department of Education defines a “bus monitor” (also commonly referred to as a “bus aide”) as any person employed for the purpose of assisting children to safely embark and disembark from a school bus which is owned, leased or contracted for by a public school district or board of cooperative educational services, and for the purpose of assisting the school bus driver with maintaining proper student behavior on such school bus.

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Public School Discipline: Alternatives to Suspension

Marnie Smith — Apr 29, 2009

Most public school districts rely heavily on suspensions for student discipline.  Section 2801 of the Education Law requires that school districts create a code of conduct, and one of the most common punishments for a violation of the code is out of school suspension.

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Early Childhood Education in Buffalo, New York

Caitlin Connelly — Nov 10, 2008

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) defines early childhood education as the learning experience of a child from birth to age eight.  It is generally agreed that the human brain undergoes great growth and change in the years before age five.  High-quality early childhood education will include development of a child’s cognition, language, motor, adaptive, social, and emotional skills.

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