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Community Health Workers: A Holistic Solution for Individual and Community Health

Sam Magavern, Jacqueline MacKeller, Jessica Bauer-Walker — Nov 26, 2012

Community Health Workers (CHWs) go by many names, including outreach workers, patient navigators, peer health educators, and lay health advocates.  CHWs help people overcome obstacles by accompanying them through treatment, monitoring needs for food and housing, leading education campaigns and empowering community members to take charge of their own health.  As members of the communities they serve, CHWs establish relationships of trust with those they serve, bridging the gap between …

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Buffalo's Community Health Centers: Healthcare for People with Low Incomes

Christopher Szczygiel — Apr 1, 2012

Community health centers are non-profit, community-oriented healthcare providers.  Generally, they are a subset of Federally Qualified Health Centers, institutions that receive special funding because they provide medical care to underserved populations.  They offer preventative and primary healthcare, including physical exams, routine testing and screening, immunizations, dental care, pediatrics, women’s health, prenatal care, and nutritional services.  These clinics are …

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