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Language Access for Erie County is Essential and Overdue

Buffalo and Erie County Language Access Working Group — Sep 24, 2020

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Erasing Red Lines: Part 3 - Building Community Wealth

Russell Weaver — Dec 20, 2019

Erasing Red Lines of discrimination and inequality from our map is a monumental task that will require transformational systems-change. As community-based organizations are demonstrating the possibilities of alternative systems in specific geographic places, the questions of (1) how to bring those efforts to scale, and (2) how public policies might change in response to the lessons learned from those efforts, require greater attention. Building on the previous installment of this series, this …

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Healthy Eating and Active Living: For Children in the City of Buffalo

Kailee Neuner — Jul 1, 2010

Children and youth are the future of our community and the nation. Children and youth living in Buffalo face a number of challenges that threaten their well-being and quality of life. A key among these challenges is children’s limited access to environments that facilitate healthy eating and active living behavior. Healthy Kids Healthy Communities-Buffalo (HKHC-Buffalo)2, a collaborative effort to promote healthy eating and active living among Buffalo’s children, is pleased to …

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