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Bolstering School Support during a Pandemic: Racial Equity and Trauma Informed Care Measures

Date: Dec 8, 2020
Author(s): Helen Zhou
Topic(s): Education: K-12 Education
Type: Report

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent school closures have dramatically altered the lives of students, their families, school districts, and communities at large. This document will provide information on what schools, with a focus on Community Schools and Parent Centers, could look like through racial equity and trauma informed lenses and examine best practices for conducting a needs assessment particularly during times of duress.

We will also define and focus on four scenarios, as presented by New America, for reopening schools: “brick to click,” “click to brick,” hybrid/blended, and fully virtual. For these scenarios, we will propose questions that Community Schools and Parent Centers will need to consider moving forward.

The guide includes the following sections:

  • New Logic Model Considerations
  • Needs Assessment (steps for conducting a needs assessment, templates/examples, COVID-19 considerations)
  • Reopening Schools (various scenarios and questions to consider for each)