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Buffalo Common Council

Date: Jul 28, 2020
Author(s): Edward Hawthorne, Alana Barrington Dye, Schyler Norton, Akilesh Ramakrishna
Topic(s): Government: Local Government Bodies
Type: Fact Sheet

This fact sheet was drafted by PPG interns Akilesh Ramakrishna, Alana Barrington Dye and Schyler Norton. It updates a 2009 version by Edward Hawthorne, a University at Buffalo School of Law student. It outlines the powers and responsibilities of the Buffalo Common Council and includes contact details and brief background information for the nine sitting council members. The fact sheet also lists the current committees and subcommittees of the Common Council, and where and when meetings are held. 

The City of Buffalo Common Council is the legislative branch of city government. There are nine council members, each elected by their own district. The Common Council has existed in some form since the incorporation of Buffalo in 1832.

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