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Buffalo's History of Segregation: a Conversation with Sam Magavern and Lindsey Taylor

Date: Jul 1, 2020
Author(s): Sam Magavern, Lindsey Taylor
Topic(s): Data / Demographics / History: Buffalo History, Data / Demographics / History: Demographics and Data, Data / Demographics / History: General, Data / Demographics / History: Populations and Cultural Groups
Type: Video

Special Guest Sam Magavern of Partnership for the Public Good, Attorney & Author will be talking about Systematic Disparities in Housing.


Many populations such as NATIVES, IRISH, ITALIANS & ASIANS were and are affected by these imposed systems & laws.

Throughout this discussion, they dive deeply into - Government & Bank Systematic Housing - Racial Zoning (Why areas look the way they do) - History of Urban Renewal - Disparities with Financing from Banking Institutions - Strategies to obtain assets for underserved communities & MORE

Learn more from a 2019 PPG report A City Divided: A Brief History of Segregation in Buffalo: https://bit.ly/38l6BxR