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Buffalo’s Outer Harbor: the Right Place for a World-Class Park

Date: Sep 23, 2019
Author(s): Sam Magavern
Topic(s): Environment: General, Environment: Land Use, Environment: Parks, Gardens, and Green Spaces
Type: Report

Buffalo’s Outer Harbor is a stunning natural area in a remarkable location. This report details the natural, historic, and recreational assets of the Outer Harbor and its connections to nearby parks and trails.

It recommends that New York create an expanded state park encompassing most of the Outer Harbor for fourteen reasons, including:

·         Protection of important, fragile natural and historic assets;

·         Prime locations for fishing, sailing, hiking, birding, and other recreation;

·         Addition of parkland to a city that is under-parked, located accessible to city residents facing severe health challenges;

·         Positive impacts on tourism dollars, property values, reduced health costs, reduced air and water pollution, and community cohesion.

·         Connectivity with Niagara River Greenway, Empire State Trail, and other parks.

The report was written by senior policy fellow Sam Magavern for the Our Outer Harbor Coalition and reflects years of effort by Coalition members in protecting the Outer Harbor and advocating for it to remain public, green, and beautiful.