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Building the Blue Economy

Date: Dec 31, 2016
Author(s): Sam Magavern, Jen Kaminsky, Sarah Maurer
Topic(s): Environment: Water
Type: Report

The United States has a serious problem with combined sewer overflows.  In responding to this environmental and public health menace, many regions are using innovative “green infrastructure” or “blue economy” approaches in addition to traditional “gray infrastructure” such as pipes and reservoirs.  These new methods offer many environmental benefits and cost efficiencies and can be a potent source of jobs – including entry level jobs.  This report outlines ways for community-based organizations to seize these opportunities, both by advocating for green infrastructure and by developing social enterprises that do storm water management work at a neighborhood level.  It is designed for non-profit groups, policy makers, and funders interested in the intersection of sustainability, neighborhood re-development, and job creation and the possibility of a triple win in all three areas.