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Business Development in the Perry Choice Neighborhood

Date: Jul 26, 2012
Author(s): Center for Urban Studies, UB
Topic(s): Economic Development: General, Housing / Neighborhoods: General
Type: Report

This study provides an analysis of the number, composition, and types of businesses found in the Perry Choice Neighborhood.

Understanding the dynamics and nature of the businesses the Perry Choice Neighborhood (PCN) is essential to building a vibrant community and forging a transformative plan (Map 1). Understanding the PCN business landscape is critical to formulating an neighborhood economic development strategy that will generate jobs and opportunities for the residents and that will provide insight into the type of infrastructure that is needed to support, grow and develop the existing businesses in the neighborhood and to attract new enterprises to the community. For example, to connect residents to potential employment opportunities, one must have an adequate understanding of the types of businesses that exist within the community so that training programs can be developed that meet the labor needs of these industries. Likewise, in order to support, grow and develop it is necessary to know the types of neighborhood businesses and their relationship to priority regional clusters.

This report at others were written and supported by the UB Center for Urban Studies. 

The goal of the UB Center for Urban Studies research is to produce a knowledge base to guide the building of just and democratic metros that enable residents to realize their full human potential and acquire the larger freedoms. Founded in 1987 by Dr.  Henry Louis Taylor, Jr., the UB Center for Urban Studies is a research, neighborhood planning and community development institute, which focuses on the transformation of vulnerable, underdeveloped and distressed neighborhoods into communities of opportunity. 

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