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Census 2020: Making Western New York Count

Date: Jun 10, 2019
Author(s): Anna Blatto
Topic(s): Data / Demographics / History: Demographics and Data, Data / Demographics / History: General, Data / Demographics / History: Populations and Cultural Groups, Government: General, Housing / Neighborhoods: General
Type: Policy Brief

This policy brief offers an overview of the 2020 Census: what it is and why it matters for Western New York.

The brief defines what is meant by "hard-to-count" areas or groups, and why it is important to achieve a fair and accurate count in next year's census.

It includes maps of undercounted areas in Western New York, highlighting Erie County and the City of Buffalo. The brief also plots key community resources in these areas, including public library branches, immigrant and ethnic community groups, and neighborhood-based community groups and community centers.

It was drafted by Anna Blatto, AmeriCorps Communications and Research Specialist at Partnership for the Public Good.