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Coordinated School Health in the Buffalo Public Schools: Statement of Need and Recommendations

Date: Feb 27, 2015
Author(s): Sam Magavern, Jessica Bauer-Walker, Renee Cadzow
Topic(s): Education: Health and Wellness, Health: General, Health: School Health and Wellness
Type: Policy Brief

This policy brief on coordinate school health for the Buffalo Public Schools was prepared by Renee Cadzow, PhD, D’Youville College, Department of Health Services Administration and Co-Director of the Center for Research of Physical Activity , Sport and Health (CRPASH); Jessica Bauer-Walker, Executive Director, Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo; and Sam Magavern, Co-Director, Partnership for the Public Good. (February 2015)

Acknowledgements: Liese Ness, Community Coalition Coordinator, Erie County Department of Health 

Because children and adolescents spend a significant portion of their time in school, schools are responsible for establishing an environment that addresses physical, emotional, social, and environmental factors related to health and well-being that affect learning. Adopting a coordinated approach to meet students’ needs in a holistic way will position students for lifetime health and academic success.