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Distinguishing the Social Sector: A Buffalo-Niagara Labor Market Study

Date: Sep 19, 2019
Author(s): Sam Magavern, Kristin (Szczepaniec) Ksiazek, Russell Weaver
Topic(s): Data / Demographics / History: Demographics and Data, Economic Development: General, Education: General
Type: Report

The study focuses on the two largest parts of Buffalo-Niagara’s social sector: nonprofit and government employers. 

Some of the findings include:

• In Buffalo-Niagara there are 5,500 registered, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 nonprofit corporations. Of these, 2,890 have paid employees.

• Job postings in Buffalo-Niagara require more education, but fewer technology and data skills, than national averages.

• 39.2% of nonprofit workers and 36.7% of public workers are college graduates, compared to 26.7% of all workers.

• More than 23% of social sector workers are persons of color, compared to 12.6% of all workers.

• More than one third of nonprofit workers earn less than $1,250 per month.