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Ecovillages in the Rust Belt

Date: Dec 20, 2021
Author(s): Joshua Swiatek
Topic(s): Environment: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Energy, Environment: Buildings and Housing, Environment: Environmental Justice, Environment: Food, Environment: General, Environment: Land Use, Environment: Localism, Environment: Parks, Gardens, and Green Spaces, Environment: Recycling and Waste
Type: Policy Brief

This policy brief shares information about Ecovillages, provides examples of 4 other Rust Belt cities with Ecovillages (Cleveland OH, Highland Park MI, Ithaca NY, and Gibsonia PA.) and describes the potential for Buffalo to develop one (or more). Ecovillages can address many inequalities in varying ways by greening vacant lots; returning ownership of vacant lots to the community; building green and sustainable communities; promoting economic development; increasing quality of life; and providing residents with access to public transit, food, job training, and child care.

It was prepared by Joshua Swiatek, an MA student in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Memphis.