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Good Food Buffalo Policy Brief

Date: Jun 26, 2018
Author(s): Jessica Gilbert
Topic(s): Education: K-12 Education, Environment: Food, Health: School Health and Wellness
Type: Policy Brief

This policy brief provides a snapshot of the current status of school food at Buffalo Public Schools and several ongoing school food improvement initiatives.

Framed within the Good Food Purchasing Program’s core values (local economies, nutrition, labor, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare), this brief documents success thus far and assesses where there is room for improvement. It recommends that Buffalo Public Schools expand scratch cooking, encourage whole-district engagement, and enhance collaboration with community.

This policy brief was drafted by Jessica Gilbert, research associate at PPG and PhD Candidate in the University at Buffalo’s Department of Geography. It summarizes the key points of a more extensive policy report by the same name, released by PPG in spring 2018.

You can also read the full report here: Good Food Purchasing for the Buffalo Public Schools.