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Methane Leaks from Natural Gas Pipelines: Solutions for New York

Date: Aug 1, 2018
Author(s): Jordan Hawkins
Topic(s): Environment: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Energy, Environment: General, Health: General
Type: Policy Brief

This brief explores the problems with methane leaks from natural gas pipelines, the obstacles that prevent change, and solutions that have been proposed by New York State and others. While most methane leaks do not pose an immediate threat to safety, they can have serious and sometimes deadly consequences, and methane is a major contributor to climate change. New York has proposed a Methane Reduction Plan. The plan is a good start to combat the issue, but research reveals additional tools to fight methane leaks from utility company pipelines.

This policy brief was drafted by Jordan Hawkins, a student at the University at Buffalo School of Law. PPG produced this policy brief for the Crossroads Collective, which is comprised of nine organizations working at the intersection of climate justice with economic and racial justice in Western New York.