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Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting Activities in New York State

Date: Feb 10, 2020
Author(s): Alice Kreher
Topic(s): Education: Health and Wellness, Environment: Buildings and Housing, Health: Health Disparities
Type: Report

Lead poisoning prevention is an area of hope and opportunity: thousands of individuals could be better
positioned for success – physically, mentally, and economically – if the right action is pursued. There is
scientific, qualitative, and economic support for the RRP rule, and New York State enforcement could
prevent thousands of lead poisoning cases and generate long-term benefits, even without much net cost to the state budget. Ultimately, New York’s children deserve to be safe in their own homes, and it is essential for the state to step up and create a future where its citizens are healthier, more productive members of society by eliminating renovation-induced lead poisoning.

The following report provides data, research, and case studies supporting the proposal for New York State to
adopt the RRP Rule, including:
• Background information on lead poisoning prevention and the RRP Rule
• An explanation of the causes and extent of New York’s lead problem
• Case studies of state administration of the RRP Rule
• Funding and revenue opportunities for state-run RRP programs
• Recommendations with analysis and complementary proposals