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Photobank: Arts and Culture Social Justice and the Arts at Ujima - Pt I

Date: Jan 14, 2020
Author(s): Buffalo Commons Photobank
Topic(s): Arts / Culture: General, Arts / Culture: Social Justice and The Arts, Equality / Civil Rights: General, Equality / Civil Rights: Race
Type: Image

Guidelines for using photos from the Buffalo Commons Photobank

The Buffalo Commons Photobank is an issue-based Photobank for use by our partners and the general public. The purpose of making these photos publicly available is to enhance the work of the social sector in Buffalo-Niagara. We believe that our partners’ work will be more effective when it features high-quality and artistic images for any number of occasions: an event, a fundraiser, a report, etc.

This photo set from Ujima Company, Inc. was taken December 12, 2019. It captures images from Pipeline, "a searing drama by Obie Award-winning playwright Dominque Morisseau, a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Grant recipient, references the “school-to-prison pipeline” faced by African American youth. She offers up a conundrum that plagues American society every day of every year and has for longer than anyone alive has been on the earth. What is best for African American boys and young men given that their lives and freedom are in danger in a society that views them as a threat?"

We ask that you:

·         Credit the Buffalo Commons Photobank and the name of the person or the organization that is listed in the description of that photo.

o   Example: Buffalo Commons Photobank (date). Name of Photographer/Org (if listed).

·         Do not print any photo or story that presents the subject in a false light.

·         Do not use photos for purposes that are not aligned with PPG Principles.

·         Do not appropriate any photo of any person for any private or commercial use (such as advertisements) without permission.

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