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Photobank: Data, Demographics, History - Seniors Gather at West Side Community Services - Pt II

Date: Jan 14, 2020
Author(s): Buffalo Commons Photobank
Topic(s): Data / Demographics / History: General, Education: General, Education: Health and Wellness, Health: General, Housing / Neighborhoods: General, Poverty / Income Inequality: Public Assistance
Type: Image

Guidelines for using photos from the Buffalo Commons Photobank

The Buffalo Commons Photobank is an issue-based Photobank for use by our partners and the general public. The purpose of making these photos publically available is to enhance the work of the social sector in Buffalo-Niagara. We believe that our partners’ work will be more effective when it features high-quality and artistic images for any number of occasions: an event, a fundraiser, a report, etc.

This photo set from West Side Community Services was taken on November 25, 2019.

We ask that you:

·         Credit the Buffalo Commons Photobank and the name of the person or the organization that is listed in the description of that photo.

o   Example: Buffalo Commons Photobank (date). Name of Photographer/Org (if listed).

·         Do not print any photo or story that presents the subject in a false light.

·         Do not use photos for purposes that are not aligned with PPG Principles.

·         Do not appropriate any photo of any person for any private or commercial use (such as advertisements) without permission.

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