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Racial Discrimination and Eviction Policies and Enforcement in New York

Date: Mar 1, 2022
Author(s): New York Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
Topic(s): Equality / Civil Rights: Race, Housing / Neighborhoods: General, Housing / Neighborhoods: Homelessness, Housing / Neighborhoods: Housing Conditions and Repairs, Housing / Neighborhoods: Policies and Programs
Type: Report

This report focuses on the disproportionate impact of eviction on people of color, including in the administration of justice, in three major New York cities: Albany, Buffalo and NYC.

The proposed scope of this project was limited to an examination of the federal, state, and local policies and enforcement of housing laws meant to prohibit racial discrimination in rental housing eviction practices in three cities representing different regions, economies, and cultures of New York State, namely Albany, Buffalo, and New York City (NYC). The proposed purpose of this project was to allow the New York Advisory Committee to advise the Commission regarding civil rights concerns with racial discrimination in rental housing evictions.

PPG's Senior Policy Fellow, Sam Magavern, participated in a public testimony to assist with the creation of this report. This report also references the PPG report Evicted in Buffalo: the High Costs of Involuntary Mobility.