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The Climate Justice Movement in Western New York

Date: Jul 12, 2017
Author(s): Sam Magavern, Lynda Schneekloth
Topic(s): Data / Demographics / History: Buffalo History, Economic Development: High Road Economic Development, Environment: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Energy, Environment: Environmental Justice, Environment: General, Environment: Land Use, Environment: Localism, Environment: Parks, Gardens, and Green Spaces, Environment: Water
Type: Report

Although climate change requires an international response and will require national policies and actions, local geographies have to be involved because it that is where the harms are felt.  But how can local and regional areas respond to the climate crisis?  This article offers a story of the emergence of a climate justice movement in Buffalo and Western New York as an example of how one community is addressing climate change and its unequal impacts.

We have included the latest version of the article before it was published. This report was published and can be found: 

Sam Magavern; Lynda Schneekloth, The Climate Justice Movement in Western New York, 24 Buff. Envtl. L.J. 59 (2016-2018)

Provided by: Charles B. Sears Law Library.