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Understanding Residents Concerns Over the St. John Town House Initiative

Date: Oct 31, 2006
Author(s): Center for Urban Studies, UB, Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.
Topic(s): Housing / Neighborhoods: General
Type: Report

Project Name: The Fruit Belt Redevelopment Project

This report presents finding from four focus group meetings on resident’s concerns about the St. John Church Town House Initiative in Buffalo, NY.

This report at others were written and supported by the UB Center for Urban Studies. 

The goal of the UB Center for Urban Studies research is to produce a knowledge base to guide the building of just and democratic metros that enable residents to realize their full human potential and acquire the larger freedoms. Founded in 1987 by Dr.  Henry Louis Taylor, Jr., the UB Center for Urban Studies is a research, neighborhood planning and community development institute, which focuses on the transformation of vulnerable, underdeveloped and distressed neighborhoods into communities of opportunity. 

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