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Voices for 2020: Strategies to Address Family Homelessness in WNY

Date: Oct 12, 2018
Author(s): Homeless Alliance of Western New York, Diane Bessell
Topic(s): Housing / Neighborhoods: Homelessness, Poverty / Income Inequality: General
Type: Report

Ending family homelessness will require a wide variety of community-based strategies to ensure that every member of each family experiencing homelessness is offered the services and supports they need to thrive. Following engagement with homeless families and health and human service providers; a review of the research literature and best practices in addressing the needs of homeless families; and completion of a local environmental scan, several strategies were identified for local action to end family homelessness.

Some strategies include: 

  • Increasing Early Identification and Linkage Among Early Childcare and Education Programs.
  • Increasing Early Identification and Linkage Among Health Care Professionals.
  • Increasing Early Identification and Linkage Among School Personnel.
  • Helping Families Secure Mainstream Resources.
  • Developing and/or Strengthening Coordinated Entry/Assessment Systems.
  • Expanding Use of Innovative Housing and Service Interventions Tailored to Needs of Families and Special Populations.
  • Increasing Access to Permanent Supportive and Community-Based Housing Options.
  • Supporting Local, State, and Federal Policies that Increase Housing Affordability.
  • Continuing Research on Homeless Families.

Read the full report for more details on each of these and to learn about some of the barriers.