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Community-Driven Climate Solutions in Buffalo

Presenter(s): Clarke Gocker, Colleen Kristich, Dr. Nick Rajkovich, Luz Velez, Lou DeJesus
Date: January 25, 2022, 12:30-2 pm
Community-Driven Climate Solutions in Buffalo

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As extreme weather events and disasters around the country make plain, the effects of climate change on human health are real and urgent. Communities are rapidly seeking solutions that address multiple problems at once, such as housing, health, climate change and equity. A local example of one such "triple-bottom line" solution is PUSH Green, a community-based energy-efficiency program that seeks to create affordable, healthy, green homes through weatherization retrofits and home repairs. This workshop will report out findings from an in-depth evaluation of the PUSH Green program and share lessons learned for policymakers, community organizations and municipalities in search of effective health and climate solutions.