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Wage Theft is an Epidemic: Ian Hayes, Gabriel Burgos-Nieves, and Michael Dolce on The Public Good

Presenter(s): Orlando Dickson
Date: January 26, 2021, 10-10:30 pm

Join us on The Public Good! We speak with workers who are suing Hotel Henry and Tempo Restaurant for wage theft. At least five employees from each establishment report not receiving wages, tips, and commissions, reporting lost wages over $1 million in total. Ian Hayes, Partner at the law firm of Creighton, Johnsen & Giroux, joins us to discuss the legal violations, claims of the workers, and the epidemic of wage theft. Gabriel Burgos-Nieves, Events Manager at Hotel Henry, joins us to discuss his experience. Michael Dolce, Server at Tempo & third-year law school student, discusses his experience and the problem of wage theft. Listen in to our discussion, which will hopefully help you recognize when wage theft is happening in your community.

Watch the video on our Facebook page in the afternoon or listen in at 10pm on POWER 96.5 FM, WUFO AM 1080.