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Creating Safe Spaces: Black Men’s Role in Community Growth on The Public Good

Presenter(s): Dejia Marie James
Date: February 13, 2024, 11:30 am-12 pm

Join us on The Public Good! Our guests are Sherman Webb-Middlebrooks, Men's Health Project Manager at the Buffalo Center for Health Equity, and Jimmy Darby, community organizer, Board President for Voice Buffalo, and founder of Just for Us, and Buffalo Peacemaker.

In this second episode of a special Black History Month series, Dejia James speaks with Sherman and Jimmy, two Black men dedicated to uplifting their community. They talk about their work creating spaces for men’s wellness and mentorship, emphasizing the importance of intergenerational conversations. This episode features Sherman and Jimmy's personal experiences and insights, focusing on the need for community engagement and support. They envision a future where community efforts are unified, creating a stronger, more connected Buffalo. 

Learn more about the Buffalo Center for Health Equity’s Men’s Empowerment Evenings, Mondays through March 2024 from 5pm-7:30pm at the Tri-Main Center (2495 Main St).

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