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Clean Slate Legislation: Zaki Smith and Katie Schaffer on The Public Good!

Presenter(s): Orlando Dickson
Date: April 6, 2021, 10:30-11:30 am

Join us on The Public Good! Our next guests are Zaki Smith, Policy Entrepreneur for the Next 100 and Katie Schaffer, Director of Advocacy and Organizing at Center for Community Alternatives. They talk to us about the Clean Slate Law (Senate Bill S1553A - Assembly Bill A6399) which seeks to end the perpetual punishment of 2.3 million New Yorkers with a conviction record. The Clean Slate Law establishes a two-step process of automatically sealing and later automatically expunging conviction records once a person has served their sentence with a few exceptions, such as people who have committed sex-based crimes. Join us as we talk about why this bill is important, a bit about redemption, share some facts, and how you can get involved with the Clean Slate by visiting

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