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Sen. Sean Ryan Seeks New Yorkers Burdened by Non-Compete Agreements to Share Their Stories

Presenter(s): Sen. Sean Ryan
Date: April 13, 2023, 1-1 pm
Sen. Sean Ryan Seeks New Yorkers Burdened by Non-Compete Agreements to Share Their Stories

Senator Ryan Has Introduced Legislation to Ban Non-Competes and Is Looking for Stories to Illustrate Their Impact on New Yorkers.

BUFFALO – Today, April 13, 2023, New York State Senator Sean Ryan announced that he wants to hear from New Yorkers whose careers have been negatively impacted by non-compete agreements. Individuals interested in sharing their stories should send an email to

Senator Ryan has introduced a bill (S.3100) to prevent employers from restricting their employees’ future employment options through non-compete agreements. If signed into law, the legislation would void active non-compete agreements in New York and prohibit the future use of these restrictive measures.

By preventing workers from seeking employment with companies that may be a better fit for them, non-compete agreements have a negative effect on the labor market and the economy of New York State. They often allow employers to refuse to provide competitive benefits and wages because their workforce cannot seek employment elsewhere. Restricting job prospects for workers who have quit or been laid off through non-compete agreements can make it incredibly difficult – and sometimes impossible – for them to continue to work in their chosen field. Non-competes often also have a detrimental impact on consumers – they are prevalent in the medical field, for instance, where they can disrupt the continuity of care.

Non-compete agreements are often thought of as a tool to protect companies’ trade secrets, but they are used in a wide variety of industries and situations in which this is not the case. A recent New York Times video on the subject included interviews with a hairstylist, a florist, and a dental technician among several others burdened by non-compete agreements.

From the Office of Senator Sean Ryan. 

Media Contact: Ian Ott - 716.479-5481