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Erie County’s Pathway Forward: Chairwoman April Baskin on The Public Good

Presenter(s): Orlando Dickson
Date: May 25, 2021, 10:30-11:30 am

Join us on The Public Good! Our guest this week is Erie County Legislature Chair April N. M. Baskin discussing the package of local laws she introduced which addresses systemic inequities in Erie County. We break down the five laws introduced in the Pathway Forward Package, why these laws a priority for Erie County, and discuss input from other lawmakers. We also talk about how the community can provide their own input on the laws in the coming months and address some common misconceptions about the laws. Don't miss it! 

Listen in on Tuesdays at10:30 am on POWER 96.5 FM or MIX 1080 AM, or watch the video on our Facebook page.