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HCON and the Environmental Stewardship Program: Deirdre Wright and Justin Black on The Public Good

Presenter(s): Sarah Wooton
Date: June 21, 2022, 10:30-11 am

Join us on The Public Good. This week we're talking with Deirdre Wright, Director of Environmental Stewardship at Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. along with Justin Black, a graduate of the Environmental Stewardship Program. 

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. (HCON) is a non-profit dedicated to creating affordable housing programs for Buffalo neighborhoods, helping to improve and strengthen the community. 

Spearheaded by HCON, the Environmental Stewardship Program exists to fill the gaps and address barriers that have blocked opportunities for young adults in the City of Buffalo. Each cohort gains Green Infrastructure and additional national certifications, as well as personal and leadership empowerment, to set them on a path of self-sufficiency and holistic wellness. 

By addressing the interconnections of modern urban challenges like public health, flood management, housing delivery, biodiversity decline, and climate change requires a much more dynamic and integrated approach to designing our cities. HOCN hopes that by maintaining Green Infrastructure and other sustainable systems, we can provide multiple services that improve the health and quality of life in our cities.

Learn more about the program on HCON's website, here. You can also contact Deirdre at or 716-980-7661.

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