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Buffalo's Untapped Power to Discipline Police

Presenter(s): Miles Gresham, Esq. and De'Jon Hall
Date: November 30, 2021, 12:30-2 pm

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For many, the apparent inability to discipline or fire police officers with records of misconduct has been a major obstacle to criminal justice reform. However, both court decisions and Buffalo’s legislative history grant the City of Buffalo the authority to discipline police officers outside of the provisions in the contract with the police union. Join us for a discussion of the law and the proposed oversight model of the Buffalo Police Advisory Board.

PPG Policy Fellow Miles Gresham, Esq. recently published a report, "The City of Buffalo's Untapped Power to Discipline Police Officers." This report examines the history of police discipline provisions in Buffalo city charters and calls on the City of Buffalo to use the power granted to it by state courts to discipline and fire bad officers. Access the report here.