PPG's New Website

Date: January 13, 2017

We are excited to share this new website with you. We think you will find it responsive, easy to navigate, filled with great content and tools, and beautifully designed. Thanks to a generous grant from the Western New York Foundation, we had the pleasure of working with White Bicycle and Ingenious Inc. on a complete redesign.


You’ll also notice a new logo. Inspired by the common symbol of the asterisk, which calls attention to important details and encourages us to take note, it becomes, with the addition of gold color and hand-rendering, a spark – conveying the inspiration and potential of the work we do together. Over the next weeks, we’ll be transitioning to this new identity and sharing it with the broader public. In the meantime, please spend some time on the new web site, and make sure to explore the Buffalo Commons the digital library of Buffalo-focused research that PPG is curating in partnership with Cornell University.