Working Toward Equality: Employment and Race in Buffalo Update

Date: June 28, 2017

On Thursday, July 6th at 4:00PM in the Auditorium of the Merriweather Library, the PPG is planning a press conference to announce an update to the Jobs and Equality Report sponsored by WNYALF, NYS AFL-CIO, CBTU, NAACP, Concerned Clergy, Baptist Ministers, LCLAA, and National Urban League, regarding employment and race in Buffalo.

The update to the report contains data from the past year that shows improvement for communities of color since the Fall of 2015. The report, based on new data, also points to areas that require improvement in order to continue to maintain progress such as the expansion of mass transit in key parts of the region. The report details the need for improvements in transit as the new data shows insufficient transportation as a barrier to equal employment opportunities.

It is important to unite to bring these crucial issues to light. Attending the conference will give us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the betterment of Buffalo. Please contact Chris Borgatti, Organizer for the WNY Area Labor Federation at (716) 852-0495 or email at