Listen Now: Legacy of Lead Radio Play

Date: August 15, 2019

Meet Diane James. She lives on the East Side with her son, DeSean. A few years ago, DeSean’s pediatrician found that his lead levels were high. Diane had their apartment inspected, and the County Health Department deemed their home unlivable. She and DeSean were forced to move. Now they live in a lead-safe apartment owned by Jeff Jacobson, who they know from church.

Two years ago, after struggling with her son’s condition for some time, Diane decided to sue her former landlord for damages. DeSean continues to suffer permanent damage from lead exposure including learning difficulties, attention deficits, and poor emotion regulation.

Legacy of Lead tells the story of a day in the life of a single mom with a child affected by lead exposure.

It was made in conjunction with Healthy Homes Task Force and Ujima Theater to discuss the impacts of lead exposure in Buffalo, New York. 

Click here to listen to the Legacy of Lead radio play.