Support Locust Street Art today!

October 25, 2017

Locust Street Art is a free community art school in Buffalo, NY where people of all ages can take art classes in Drawing, Painting, Animation, Photography, and Clay. Support Locust Street Art today!

Created in 1959 and currently located in a beautiful house in the heart of the historic Fruit Belt district, Locust Street is a local institution founded on principles of valuing confidence and treating one another with love. Under the pretty tree out front you’ll find a brick building where instructors and students across different departments thrive together: working in a computer animation lab open to all, a painting environment, and spaces for sculpting with clay. Students are inspired to “build self-confidence as they work towards their own goals at their own pace, building valuable skills both as artists and as people. It’s also a space where our students will receive enthusiastic praise and encouragement that they might not always find in their everyday lives.”

Locust Street is a proud part of the Community First Alliance, a group working to return economic power to the people of East Buffalo with land trusts and other creative uses of land. Donate here.

Watch this video to get a better idea of the important work Locust Street Art is doing in this community: