Partnership for the Public Good Calls for Community and Elected Officials to Boycott Paladino

Date: December 24, 2016

PPG has called for a boycott of Carl Paladino's businesses and for a pledge by elected officials and candidates not to accept political donations from him. Read the Buffalo News coverage and PPG's full statement below. The Public Accountability Inititiative published a report last year with detailed information about Paladino's history of bigotry as well as his campaign donations and web of influence. Other PPG partners are involved in a rally on January 5.

The Partnership for the Public Good asks for elected officials and candidates to pledge not to take campaign donations from Carl Paladino, and for businesses, non-profit groups, and individuals to pledge not to rent from his development companies or otherwise do business with him.

PPG Co-Director Sam Magavern said, “Carl Paladino’s latest slurs are only the most recent in a long string of bigoted and divisive comments and actions.  People have a choice about whom to do business with, and they should choose not to increase the wealth and power of someone who spreads hatred.”

In June 2015, Paladino made incendiary remarks about “those damn Asians.”  In July 2015, he announced his continued support for a political candidate, Joseph Mascia, despite recordings of Mascia using racial slurs. Over the years Paladino has made bigoted comments about African-Americans, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and women.

Paladino has amassed considerable power and influence in western New York through his real estate development, political campaigns, media presence, elected office, and campaign contributions.  The Public Accountability Initiative reports that he has donated over $260,000 to 35 out of 41 elected officials in Western New York, both Republicans and Democrats, including every white Buffalo council member and Erie County legislator but none of the black council members or legislators. 

Magavern said, “Buffalo Niagara is a region that is plagued by severe inequality, segregation, and discrimination.  For our region to thrive, we need to work together and succeed together.  It is time to take a public stand against hatred and in favor of equality.  Among other things, that means not supporting or enabling powerful figures with proven records of destructive prejudice.”