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Credit Unions and Banks Near Downtown Buffalo

Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc. Jul 6, 2016

Fact Sheet outlining credit unions and banks near Downtown Buffalo.

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Community Reinvestment Act Advocacy

Bradford Reid — Dec 31, 2011

The Community Reinvestment Act obligates federally insured depository institutions to meet the credit needs of low and moderate income communities in a manner that is commensurate with sound lending practices.  

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City of Buffalo vs. ABN Amro Mortgage

Elena Steigman Mar 31, 2009

Overview of submitted court documentation of a case in Buffalo pertaining to vacant properties within the city limits. 

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Subprime Lending: the Rotten Core of the Current Economic Crisis

Sam Magavern — Oct 1, 2008

Subprime lending has triggered a global financial crisis, but it remains misunderstood.  Here are some basic facts, culled from an upcoming report on abandoned housing by the Partnership for the Public Good.  Subprime loans are high cost loans, ostensibly designed for people with less than “prime” credit.  In reality, mortgage brokers and lenders often succeed in selling subprime loans to people with good credit.  According to the Wall Street Journal, by 2006, …

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