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How To Better Welcome Refugees and Secondary Migrants

Date: Sep 7, 2022
Author(s): Laila Rahbari
Topic(s): Data / Demographics / History: General, Data / Demographics / History: Populations and Cultural Groups, Government: General
Type: Policy Brief

This report examines assets, challenges, and potential recommendations for supports for refugees and migrants in Buffalo. 

One-third of all refugees in New York State resettle in Buffalo. However, there is little data on the experiences and services offered to the secondary migrant population. This report explores existing supports, current impediments, and ways forward for Buffalo's refugee and secondary migrant population. Findings were developed based on 14 semi-structured interviews and a literature review. The existing supports for refugees in Buffalo include social networks, resettlement services, business support, public benefits, affordable housing, and climate safety. The challenges for refugees in Buffalo surround the lack of availability of affordable housing, insufficient transportation, lack of language access, lack of basic infrastructure, lack of funding, and numerous other issues. The way forward given the listed challenges includes proposed solutions to housing, transportation, language access, and infrastructure.