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Poverty and Disparities in Niagara County

Date: Nov 13, 2019
Author(s): Anna Blatto
Topic(s): Data / Demographics / History: Demographics and Data, Poverty / Income Inequality: General
Type: Buffalo Brief

This Buffalo Brief provides an overview of the geography and statistics around poverty in Niagara County. 

In Niagara County, poverty is actually lower than the national average, but it remains concentrated into urban areas - particularly Niagara Falls and Lockport - and the Tuscarora Nation Reservation. Because Niagara County is 86 percent white, there are more whites than people of color living in poverty in the county; but people of color are much more likely to experience poverty with a 29.34% poverty rate compared to a 9.2% poverty rate for whites.

The brief also presents statistics on employment, rent affordability, homelessness, and education, and their relationship with poverty in Niagara County. 

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