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March 7, 2023

Partnership for the Public Good, Cornell in Buffalo, and Partners Advocate for Three Policies to Fight Inflation and Support Working Families

Elected officials, researchers, and community members gathered in Buffalo today to call on New York State to adopt three policies that would fight inflation costs and help working families struggling with rising costs.

March 7, 2023

Buffalo News: "In a hot job market, fewer workers earn the minimum wage, but the push is on to raise it"

Samantha Christmann | March 7, 2023 The state's minimum wage is headed toward $15 per hour. But a group of business owners said it doesn't go far enough to ensure an appropriate wage for working people, and are pushing to tie the minimum wage to inflation. Advocates of the Raise the Wage …

March 7, 2023

WBEN: "Affordability legislation: NYS advocates look to combat economic inequality"

Max Faery | March 7, 2023 Supporting hardworking families, addressing income inequality and combating inflation are on the minds of a state lawmaker and local Western New York advocates. New York State Senator Sean Ryan and Partnership for the Public Good are looking for the state to adopt several …

March 1, 2023

Democrat & Chronicle: "It's well past time that New York permanently fixed its minimum wage standards | Opinion"

Harry B. Bronson | March 1, 2023 New Yorkers are experiencing the greatest cost-of-living crisis in 40 years. The minimum wage in upstate New York has yet to reach $15 compared to New York City, which has been frozen at $15 for years. With record high costs, families are not earning enough to put …

January 26, 2023

New Policy Brief: Raising and Indexing State Minimum Wage Would Have a Large Impact on Women, People of Color, and Immigrants in Western New York

Our latest policy brief by Sam Magavern, Russell Weaver, and Haley Smith examines the potential impact of raising the state's minimum wage for workers in Western New York. The authors conclude that the legislative proposal to raise New York’s minimum wage gradually to $20 by 2026 in …

January 25, 2023

Cornell ILR School: "Raising and Indexing State Minimum Wage Would Have a Large Impact on Women, People of Color, and Immigrants in Western New York"

January 25, 2023 “Raising the state’s minimum wage is a powerful tool for making Western New York more equitable and prosperous,” says Russell Weaver, Director of Research at the Cornell ILR Buffalo Co-Lab. “Our research shows that very large numbers of workers – …

October 5, 2022

WBFO/NPR: "Buffalo, What's Next? | Water Bills"

By: Jay Moran | October 5, 2022 Researcher Anna Blatto from The Partnership for the Public Good reveals some of the things she has started to uncover in a study of the city’s water shut offs, who they effect, and what neighborhoods are dis-proportionally effected.

September 24, 2022

PPG Comments on Equitable Transit at Electrify Buffalo Event

Sarah Wooton, PPG's Director of Community Research, was asked to speak at the 2023 Electrify Buffalo event about inequitable transportation in our region and potential solutions. Here are the comments she shared. 

May 31, 2022

Buffalo News: "Racist attack highlights sparse supermarket options in Buffalo's largely Black neighborhoods"

By: Stephen T. Watson | May 31, 2022  The Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue, targeted by an avowed white supremacist in a massacre that killed 10 Black people, is the only supermarket within the 14208 ZIP code and a wider section of Buffalo's East Side. The closest full-service grocery …

May 30, 2022

Buffalo News: "The Editorial Board: An ingrained system of segregation led the Tops shooter to Buffalo’s East Side"

The Buffalo News Editorial Board | May 30, 2022 This is the first in a series of editorials.  The cauldron of hate had been brewing for a while, fueled by false notions of “replacement theory.” But long before the shooter stepped foot in that Tops supermarket on May …

May 30, 2022

Buffalo News: "A racist gunman came for Buffalo, but 'racism is not new here;"

By: Stephen T. Watson & Charlie Specht | May 30, 2022 A racist came looking for Buffalo. But Buffalo doesn't have to look far to find racism. In the hours after this month's horrific mass shooting at a Jefferson Avenue supermarket, where 10 Black people were killed, some Buffalo …

May 27, 2022

Black Enterprise: "The supermarket that was the scene of he Buffalo shooting is also an example of supermarket redlining"

By: Derek Major | May 27, 2022  The Tops Supermarket that was the scene of the Buffalo mass shooting was once a beacon of progress for the city’s Black residents. CNN reported in August 2001, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer attended the announcement of the  Tops …